Mineral & Groundwater

TerraDat Geophysics has experience working around the World applying geophysical techniques to mapping targets for mining and groundwater targets. These include projects in Congo, Scandinavia, Australia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, India and Europe.

The nature of our operation means that we are able to mobilise very rapidly anywhere in the world. Typical applications include:

  • Large and small scale mineral exploration geophyiscs
  • Groundwater exploration and evaluation geophysics
  • Passive seismic tomgraphy for oil exploration


Mining companies often have geophysical equipment or software at their disposal, however would benefit from some training on its correct operation and interpretation of the data. We are able to offer a full training service in all aspects of shallow geophysics tailored to suit clients specific requirements. A recent example involved training a group of hydrogeologists in the correct use and interpretation of frequency domain electromagnetics for saline lens mapping in some Caribbean islands.

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