TerraDat Geophysics was established in 1992 to address the need for increased awareness of the subsurface in the context of land use and environmental legislation. About that time many of the geophysical techniques that had been standard in deeper, large scale mineral-type surveys took advantage of technological developments and became smaller, more portable and offered higher resolution of the buried physical targets that were being mapped.

Since our incorporation, we have worked hard to establish to the adoption of geophysical mapping technology in a wide range of industries ranging from landfill, nuclear site characterisation, contaminated land mapping, coastal geotechnics and civil engineering projects.

TerraDat aims to provide the highest quality non-destructive geophysical surveys to a broad cross section of industries using a multi-disciplinary approach. We undertake to continually invest in our staff and technical facilities so we can combine this with our extensive global experience and pass this on to our customers as a service of the highest quality.

In recognition that geophysics is a relatively new and constantly evolving science, we will maintain a commitment to educating and training new graduates and the industy through technical contributions to research projects and publications.

Download a PDF of our company brochure: a 20 page booklet outlining the benefits of using geophysics, followed by several real life case studies and backgrounds to all the main geophysical methods.

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A secondary capability running alongside our geophysical expertise is 3D measurement of surface targets. This aspect of our work came about through a combination of our long term relationship as a customer of survey equipment manufacturer Topcon, and the need to produce accurate maps on which to plot our geophysical survey results. We are now an authorised dealer for Topcon in terms of their high end imaging technology including Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry.