Equipment List

TerraDat is the only European geophysics company own a full suite of state of the art geophysical instrumentation in recognition of the importance of maintaining the best and latest technology and having the flexibility to address a site investigation with a multi-technique approach.

As well as equipping our crews on a daily basis, items from our the list below are available for hire with an experienced operator at highly competitive rates.

  • 2 x Geometrics Geode Seismic System: 48 Channels
  • Bison EWG accelerated elastic wave generator [view more details]
  • 350kg tractor-mounted gravity weight drop
  • PEG25 accelarated weight drop P-Wave Source
  • Ballard downhole Shearwave seismic source
  • Innovative Transducers 24ch solid hydrophone streamer

  • 2 x IRIS Syscal 72 Channel Resistivity Tomography systems
  • Ecoprobe Methane / Soil Gas Instrument

    Scintrex CG-3M
    gravity meter (up to 3 available)
    Scintrex CG-5

  • 2 x Trimble ProXR dGPS system (using EGNOSS / WAAS correction)
  • 2x Topcon Hiper Pro RTK GPS kits for subcentimetre positioning
  • Topcon GMS-110 beacon dGPS
  • 2 x Topcon 7003i imaging total stations
  • Topcon GLS-1500 terrestrial laser scanner

  • Geonics EM31 polycorders and realtime GPS positioning
  • Geonics EM38 polycorders and realtime GPS positioning
  • 2 x Geonics EM61 metal detector
  • Geonics EM34-3 frequency domain electromagnetic instrument
  • Two GEM 2 multi-channel EM instruments

  • Scintrex Smartmag
  • Geometrics G-858 Gradiometer
  • Bartington fluxgate gradiometer

  • Mala RAMAC X3M Ground Radar (100, 250, 500 & 800 MHz)

  • ABEM UVS 1500 Vibration monitor
  • Moisture Point Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) System
  • HDPE Liner leak detection system
  • Ecoprobe Soil vapour methane gas detection system

  • 3 x Honda TRX450 Quad Bike